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Sustainable design demands lateral thinking. Three Trees Don?t Make a Forest is a consultancy with the track record, expertise, know-how and contacts to do just that.

Three Trees Don’t Make A Forest is a not-for-profit social enterprise set up by directors of three established and successful agencies. olymp trade review

Our aim is to provide tools for all designers and businesses who are involved in design and advertising to inspire them to re-think their working cultures and start to produce sustainable design that really works.

Our ultimate goal is to be the catalyst for the creation of a zero carbon design industry.


Lovely As A Tree

    We're busy planning a new website for Three Trees, at which point we will merge with Lovely As A Tree, Caroline Clark's fantastic paper and print database.

    In the meantime, please visit the site and get the low down on how your choices of design, paper and print impact upon the environment.

    Lovely As A Tree lists the steps you can take to reduce your design footprint and takes you through the process of choosing a recycled or more sustainably sourced paper. It also shows you what to look for when choosing a greener printer.

    firstrade option You’ll also find lists of the UK’s most environmentally friendly papers and printers, web links to help make your office green, and case studies to inspire you.

      To find a UK printer, click here

      To browse greener papers, click here



    We're delighted to announce our new masterclasses, designed to help you understand the physical impact of your design practice and to give you the practical information to do something about it. They can be tailored to meet your needs.

    Don’t let your studio get left behind! firstrade app

    Please click here to download a PDF with more information.

    "Being informed is every designers responsibility. Three Trees sustainable design masterclass is the best way that I know to get an independent overview of our industry's environmental impact. The Blast design team found the information invaluable, and can now pass this information on to our clients with confidence." Paul Tunnicliffe ⁄ Director, Blast Design Ltd.




    We are building up our knowledgebank to share with the entire design community. The knowledgebank is divided into five sections. If you have anything to add, please email it to us and we will add it in.

    1) The Studio

    The impact of running your design studio on the environment Studio/business fact sheet

    2) Innovation

    Changing the way we think about design. Innovation fact sheet

    3) Paper

    The pulp and paper industry is the third largest emitter of global warming pollution in industrialized nations.

    50-90% of a piece of print’s carbon footprint is incurred by paper manufacture.
    Paper fact sheet

    4) Print

    The print industry is cleaning up fast, but some aspects still have a major environmental impact. Print fact sheet

    5) Digital

    The paperless office does not necessarily save the environment. Digital fact sheet


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Three Trees at Greengaged

The London Design Festival 2008 has announced a major sustainability emphasis with the launch of greengaged at the Design Council - a hub of events, debates, workshops, exhibitions, seminars and masterclasses which will bring together all all sectors of the design industry to focus on sustainability issues, exchange ideas and carve out new roles for [...]
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re-use this info

You have switched your light bulbs, pledged to fly less and started a recycling bin in your studio. But you still have a niggling feeling that, so far, your actions may yet be world changing then try re-focusing attention to your design output - the how and why you create. For a designer the solutions go [...]
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Three Trees talk on 4 June

Major Players are hosting an evening dedicated to promoting the most innovative and environmentally-friendly graphic and packaging design, and two of the Three Trees will be there on stage. We’ll be asking what green issues affect you as a designer and what can you do to make a difference? Email or for more details.
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get in touch

If you're interested in what we do and want to keep in contact with us, here are the options.

1) Join the mailing list at the top of this page

2) Come and hear us talk - dates to be announced.

3) Employ us as consultants to come and help you green your studio.

4) Sponsor us/partner with us.

5) Be a champion - spread the word.

6) Feed the knowledgebank (see right)

Please send any questions and useful information you have to, we’re expanding our knowledge base and it will soon be available online for everyone.

about us

    Vastly experienced, Three Trees’ founders, Sophie Thomas (thomas.matthews), Caroline Clark (Lovely as a Tree) and Nat Hunter (Airside) will continue to run their respective award-winning design practices while working within the industry to share their collective 25 years’ experience in creating effective sustainable design.

    When it comes to sustainable design, there are no excuses. Sooner or later our industry will have to rise to the challenge. As creativity is our business, we should be comfortable with the notion of making our design work that bit harder; creatively and for the environment.